Our Value

Our commitment

Global Response

Global Response

We are present in the USA through our San Diego Office and distribution center.

Team Work

Team Work

We believe in teamwork as the cornerstone of innovation and global response.

More than partners

More than partners

Our core values govern us and are demonstrated everyday by our people.

Our people

To be our best, we work to create a culture that respects and nurtures the different perspectives, talents, thoughts, education, and other values of diversity.


Growing international competition requires us to raise our STANDARDS OF QUALITY, all our processes have lead to certifications such as ISO9001 where customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement.

ISO 9001

Our ERP (SAP) & MRP (be.as) systems allows us to analyze trends directly through store sale, determine the correct level of inventory, anticipate shipping needs and help lower lead times to weekly replenishment with excellent fill rates.

road map to 2018

We are committed to being a company concerned with continuous improvement and overall growth in search of emphasizing our capabilities and qualities that distinguish us and qualify as one of the largest competitors in the market.

Iso 14001

ISO 14001 will help us generate an environmental management system (EMS).


ISO/TS will help us create a solid management and effective system in relation to the design, development , production, installation and maintenance of all related automotive industry quality products .


OHSAS 18001 will help us to operate under a management system oriented towards health and safety at work.